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David Scott Company

We offer the worlds first and only Gel Beanbag Positioner for Steep Trendelenberg and Robotics cases, named The Butterfly…

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For more than 42 years, David Scott Company has been servicing Hospitals and Surgery Centers with a strong focus on patient positioning products in the Operating Room. Such industry presence and buying power provides us the ability to offer positioning products at exceptional prices.

We manufacture our Blue Diamond Gel products (over 150+) and offer hundreds of O.R. accessories such as Replacement OR Table pads, Patient Restraints, Bean Bag Positioners (Traditional and Gel), Peg Boards, Arm Boards and Pads, Lift-Assisted Stirrups, Knee Supports, Shoulder Chairs, Mayo Stands, Stainless Steel Tables, Side Rail Sockets, Anti-Fatigue Matting and hundreds more.

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