Product Updates

Bean Bag Positioners have optional Gel layer

GEL- Surgical Bean Bag Positioner w/ intergral Gel layer and shoulder cutout 38.5"W x 35.5"

For more than 15 years David Scott Company has offered a number of sizes and options when it comes to surgical bean bag positioners. Our bean bags come in both traditional vac pac® style bean bags as well as bean bags with integral gel layer Our integral gel layer features a unique free float technology that allows the gel layer to move independently from the bean bag bead compartment. Our bean bags are comprised of polystyrene beads that when suction is applied will pull together contour around the patient and create a rigid, molded, positioner. With the additional layer of gel between the patient and the rigid vacuum packed bean bag bladder you provide a layer of pressure management protection for your surgical patient.  We offer a variety of sizes to conform to many surgical specialties, ophthalmic, ENT, hand surgery, shoulder surgery, lateral positioning, bariatric surgery, laparoscopic surgery, as well as steep Trendelenburg position, . All of our Bean Bag Positioners have replaceable one-click valves (no need to pinch or squeeze), an added safety clip to prevent accidental air loss, durable urethane film (as compared to PVC). Please contact us with any questions

Our Gel Bean Bags are the only bean bag offered with an integral layer of our Blue Diamond® Gel. The bean bags are proudly manufactured in the USA.