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David Scott Company Updates – 2023

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Happy New Year! We had a busy and exciting 2022 at David Scott Company and want to make sure we keep our valued customers up to date with the latest information and offerings. As always let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your continued support.

Did you know that David Scott Company offers stirrup repairs?

We offer repairs on most brands of stirrups with an average turnaround time of 2 weeks. We also stock replacement stirrup boot pads for same day shipping on most models

Lead time on Foam Pads & Custom Pads

We have grown our stock of foam pads including OR Table Pads, Stretcher Pads, Arm Board Pads, Wedges & Imaging pads for same day shipping. Any standard thickness/configuration that is not a stock model currently has a 3-week lead time.

Custom Pads & Wedges are currently a 4–5 week lead time due to the design, drawings & templating process.

We have also expanded our stretcher pads and will be offering a select-a-size format early next year.

New Offerings

While we are constantly expanding our offerings, below are a few popular additions that we wanted to highlight.

Peg Board Extension Kit

  • Includes (2) 24”x 4” peg board extenders & connecting clips that allows you to add extra width to your board for potential bariatric procedures.

 Fisso® Lateral Arm positioner

  • An articulating arm lateral positioner with 3 rotating joints for easy positioning. Quick & Easy setup, includes an anatomically shaped deluxe memory foam pad.

Leg Elevation Ramp

  • A foam-covered reusable leg elevator for a variety of lower extremity procedures.        Dimensions 31”L x 12” W x 6.25” H

As always follow our Linkedin for the most up to date information!