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Taking Operating Room Quality to the Streets..

Motorcycle gel seat

Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads that is..

Did you know that the same Blue Diamond® Gel used in Operating Rooms across the globe is also frequently used in Motorcycle seats? That’s right!

Our gel is sold to specialty dealers and manufacturers of motorcycle seats. We were approached one day by a shop owner looking for the right gel to put in his seat to eliminate “Numb Bum” as he called it. He tried our Blue Diamond Gel and the rest is history. We have been supplying gel for his and many other shops ever since.

Many don’t know that the numbness and tingling caused while riding is an actually an injury. Well mild usually – this tingling occurs when nerves have been compressed by pressure points and stop working properly. “Riding through it” or ignoring the issue can cause the injury to get worse and lead to severe damage of the tissue and other complications.

Motorcycle gel seat

This made in the USA medical grade gel makes the ride smoother by decreasing pressure points and increasing blood flow throughout your hips, buttocks and legs. Our viscoelastic medical grade gel polymer contains no water so it is stable and cool — far better than a less expensive imported gel, which can break down, as well as generate and hold heat during the summer.

Ever since we started selling trimmable motorcycle gel seat pads direct to bikers the reviews have been nothing but positive. Our gel allows for longer and more comfortable rides and helps reduce the risk of pressure injuries.

Below are some of the motorcycle gel overlays that we offer. All gel is trimmable as it does not leak or ooze. Trimming instructions are included with each seat.


Motorcycle Gel Seat Pad

Trimmable Motorcycle Gel Pads Assorted Sizes- Limited Quantities

Trimmable Gel Seat Pad 16″ x 18″ x 1/2″