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Blue Diamond® Gel Product – Desk Edge Cushion

We have recently added a new product to our Blue Diamond® product line, introducing the Desk Edge Cushion.


Desk edge cushion

Gel Edge Protector Blue Diamond medical grade gel

This gel edge protector is perfect for protecting your arms, wrists, and elbows from long days at your desk. The Desk Edge Cushion is made of a viscoelastic polymer gel, this is the same gel used in operating rooms around the world. It improves circulation and makes any desk much more comfortable to type at!

The simple fold design makes it easy to move between desks without needing any attachments to secure the cushion to the desk. Just place the large flap on the top surface of the desk and let the smaller flap hang down and you are good to go!

To order the Desk Edge Cushion, click here!