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Anesthesia Screens

Adjustable Height Anesthesia Screen •  Malleable Flexible Anesthesia Screens • Rigid Ether Screens • Table Mount Anesthesia Screens • Rail Mount Screens

Anesthesia screens are used to block the surgical field from the patient’s line of sight, eliminating the patient anxiety and distraction that can come with viewing the anesthesiologist’s movements.

These screens are intended to separate the anesthesia field from the surgical site to reduce the risk of contamination. The adjustable frame is used to accommodate a sheet that can be suspended anywhere along the length of the patient’s body. Anesthesia screens are also sometimes used as supporting mechanisms for light sources and surgical retractors. 

Flexible, malleable screens can be shaped to support tubing and wires.

metal frame on upright poles that is used to suspend a sterile barrier separating the surgical field from the anesthesiologist’s access to the patient. Also called ether screen.

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