Single use foam positioners for patient comfort, reduced pressure insults, reduced cross-contamination and affordability.

We are pleased to be able offer high quality Foam Single Use Positioners. Often referred to as disposable foam positioners. While we are only offering a sampling of our complete line on our website, we have access to a plethora of surgical foam positioners. David Scott Company can also work with your facility to design custom foam positioners. please contact us with custom foam requests

David Scott Company is offering a variety of single use foam positioners to span the body from head to heel; as well as complete table overlays. Our products include versatile foam rolls, as well as foam wedges. Foam arm boards, foam heel protectors, adjustable foam head rings, foam prone positioners, as well as foam face cradles are also available.

For more than 40 years we have been in the positioning business. Hoping to gain your trust as a customer is our goal.

Made in Aerica

Proudly Made in the USA

Chest & Body Positioners (2)

Head & Neck Foam (10)

Leg, Knee, Foot, Ankle Foam (11)

Arm & Wrist Foam (10)