Single use foam positioners for chest and body, as well as pelvic.

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Prone Patient Supports For Spine Operating Tables

  • Replacement parts for the Allen Advanced Tables
  • Replacement parts for the OSI Jackson Spine Table
  • Chest Supports for  Spine Tables
  • Thigh Supports for Spine Tables
  • Hip Support for Spine Tables
  • Patient Supports for Spine Tables
  • Spine frame available as well (DSC-CSM-2715)

Single Use Prone Chest Support

$199.00 DSC-CS-2621

Single Use Prone Chest Support

This foam prone chest support provides all in one support to spread pressure evenly across the patient’s torso in the prone position.

  • The center hole allows the abdomen to move freely.
  • Shaped to help reduce pressure in the under arm and groin areas.
  • Roll the foam when extra padding is needed.
  • Raises the patient’s chest to aid safe positioning of the head.
  • Single use to aid infection control.
Qty: 1 unit per box