Did you know that pressure related injuries are one of the most common injuries experienced by patients in a hospital? According to the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel; no other preventable event occurs

Blue Diamond® Gel, Mitigating Pressure Related Injuries

Blue Diamond® Gel, Mitigating Pressure Related Injuries

as frequently as pressure related injuries.

AORN has reported for many years; including in this years “2020 Guideline for Positioning the Patient”  that viscoelastic polymer products (such as Blue Diamond® Gel ) greatly reduce the risk of pressure related ulcers.

Blue Diamond® Gel Positioners are viscoelastic polymer, reusable positioners, that are used primarily to reduce pressure during medical/surgical procedures.

Our gel pads are designed to reduce sheer and friction. They are made of a dry viscoelastic polymer that is recommended by AORN standards. 

Surgical positioners can also be used for wheelchair gel pads, gel pads for seats, or gel pads for your feet. We also offer surgical positioners for the whole body as well as specialty surgical positioners for many positioning devices.

Blue Diamond Gel® Facts

  • Radiolucent
  • Antimicrobial & Antibacterial
  • Reusable, Repairable, and Easily Cleaned
  • Latex, Silicone, Plasticizer Free
  • Contains No Water, Will not Leak, Ooze, or Evaporate
  • Redistributes Weight & Provides Pressure Reducing Attributes
  • 2 Year Warranty

If there is a product that you want but do not find on our site; please contact us. We have been happy to help hundreds of customers create custom products to best suit their need.

Made in Aerica

Blue Diamond Gel® is proudly manufactured in the USA.

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