Knee Crutch Supports • Arthroscopic Leg Holders • TKR’s • Knee Stabilizers • Well Leg Holders are offered below for Surgical Knee Positioning

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stulberg leg positioner 2620

Stulberg Leg Positioner | DSC-2620

$3,625.00 $3,450.00
  • Total Knee Positioner
  • tilt, rotate, flex, or  flex knee
  • carbon fiber footplate
  • quick release adjustments
  • gas sterilizable
  • Dimensions: 20"L x 10.5"W base
  • 3 disposable sterile pads included
  • additional pads available
  • Disposable foam pads can be seen here
  • requires a round post clamp  Image result for bd-cs clark socketBD-CS
Robb Leg Positioner | Knee Surgery Positioner

Robb Leg Positioner | Knee Surgery Positioner- DSC-2630

$2,450.00 $2,325.00
  • Slotted base allows the leg to be easily flexed or extended during knee surgery
  • Slots are also designed to allow the foot piece to be rotated
  • The complete unit is steam and gas sterilizable
  • Supplied with a sterilizable table clamp which can be clamped over the sterile drape to the O.R. table side bar
  • Three (3) Sterile Pads/Wraps are included with each new purchase
  • Similar to the Alvarado Knee Holder
  • This version has a carbon fiber Foot piece
    • DSC-2630-11 has a metal foot piece

TKR Knee Positioner | Total Knee Replacement | DSC-800-0141

  • Newly designed model
  • Track Locking Bracket securely locks the Base Plate to the table with two thumb screws
  • Locks in any position with a simple turn of the wrist
  • Smooth sliding motion for effortless leg positioning
  • Well leg lies flat – eliminating the need for well-leg positioners
  • All components are autoclavable
  • Required CamLoc Clamp sold separately (DSC-800-0271)
  • Available in 24" or 30" base length
    • DSC-800-0141 24" Base
    • DSC-800-0171 30" Base
DSC-112001 Hermanator-DeMayo Style Knee Positioning Pad- Sterile-replacement for IMP 294P

Hermanator Foam Knee Positioning Pad – Sterile

$399.00 $374.00
  • Sterile foam pad to be used in surgical knee positioners
  • 10 per case
  • In Stock
  • Made in the USA
  • Sterile
For Use With
  • ZIMMER® Alvarado Knee Holder 1320-000-00
  • SCHUREMED TKR Knee Positioner
  • INNOMED ROBB Knee Positioner
Substitute For: 
  • Knee Positioner Pad 294-P-10 and 803-P-10
  • ZIMMER® Alvarado Disposable Liner 00-1320-015-10
  • INNOMED® Sterile Protective Pad 2629-00
  • SCHUREMED TKR Disposable Liner 800-1414
Table Pad set Total Knee Replacements

Split Table Pad set Total Knee Replacements-DSC-398-LG

  • Table Pad set Total Knee Replacements
  • These are replacement Operating Table pads when using a surgical knee positioners.
  • A surgical knee positioner is also refereed to as a TKR.
  • Total Knee Replacement surgery.
  • This is a 3 piece pad set that works well with several Surgical Knee Positioners
  • This 3 piece pad set for TKR's includes:
  • 1 each Body Section 41" x 20" x 3.25"
  • 2 each Split leg Sections 38" x 10" x3.25"
BD170 Adjustable Knee Crutch Supports

Adjustable Knee Crutch Supports

  • These now include an adjustable extension to allow for abduction at no additional cost
  • The knee crutch itself is approx. 9.5" wide and 12" long (5" above the knee bend and 7" below the knee bend)
  • Includes the doughy soft pads. Sold as a pair
  • Simple, ergonomic, locking handle
  • Easy to set up and position
  • These require 2 Clark Sockets.(BD-CS) or Schure Socket XL (DSC-800-0134)
DSC-800-0041 Knee Crutches

Knee Crutches

  • Constructed of highest-quality stainless steel
  • Extremely soft and comfortable crutch liners prevent superficial nerve damage to the patient
  • Facilitate a wide-range of patient positions for surgery
  • Adjust vertically from 12″ to 19″
  • Rotates 360º
  • Mount to side rail quickly and securely with Schure Socket XL
  • provide precise patient positioning with a simple, ergonomic, locking handle
  • Knee crutch pads included
  • Requires (Schure Socket XL) or (BD-CS)
  • Sold in pairs
BD250 Arthroscopic Leg Holder

Arthroscopic Leg Holder

$1,750.00 $1,249.00
  • Smooth, unidirectional locking mechanism enables the caregiver to set rigid fixation with one-hand operation
  • Hinged upper brace accommodates all sized patients
  • Structurally enhanced design enables staff to apply pressure both medially and laterally
  • One handed fixation with Velcro® Strap
  • 22 adjustable width locations
  • can accommodate up to a 12" wide leg
  • Stainless Steel Round 5/8" post
BD250P-12 Disposable Arthroscopic Leg Holder Pad ***WEB SPECIAL PRICE*** SAVE $50 off regular price

Disposable Arthroscopic Leg Holder Foam Pad

$165.00 $129.00
  • Disposable foam insert for Arthroscopic Leg Holder
  • 2 part foam
    • outer foam is dense low compression
    • inner foam is soft compression foam
  • Hook & Loop closure
  • Case of 12
  • Single patient use
  • Can be used on many style Arthroscopic Leg Holders
BD250-SSP20 Rigid Foam Insert for Arthroscopic Leg Holder ALH

Rigid Foam Insert for Arthroscopic Leg Holder

$300.00 $256.00
  • Dense white foam
  • Rigid compression support
  • Foam insert for leg holder
  • Can be used on many style leg holders
  • Fits BD250  arthroscopic leg holder
  • Case of 20
  • Non-sterile
BD2500 Gel Insert for Leg Holder

Gel Insert for Leg Holder

  • Reusable Gel insert
  • Designed for Arthroscopic Leg Holders
  • Fits many style leg holders
  • offers limited compression
  • Dimensions:
    • 4" x 36" x 3/8" Thick
BB-WHL Reusable Well Holder Sheerguard Covering

Reusable Well Holder SheerCare Covering

$249.00 $199.00
  • Reusable well holder
  • SheerCare covering
  • Arthroscopic leg holder
  • Compressed packaging saves space
  • Protects and supports the non-operative well leg from acute pressure points
DSC-TKS-R Total Knee Stabilizer Radiolucent for Flexed Leg Support

Radiolucent Total Knee Stabilizer for Flexed Leg Support

$350.00 $289.00
    • Radiolucent design
    • MR safe
    • Supports the knee during arthroscopic procedures
    • Offers stable support to a flexed leg during total knee procedures
    • 14" round stainless steel rod allows for height adjustment at the rail
    • White stabilizer is 11" L x 2" thick
    • Comes with one disposable foam pad
    • Required clark socket (BD-CS)
    • Extra pads sold separately (SKU# DSC-TKS-PAD)
DSC-TKS-PAD Total Knee Stabilizer Replacement Pads (10 per case)

Total Knee Stabilizer Replacement Pads (10 per case)

  • Replacement pads for DSC-TKS
  • Covers the foot for added patient comfort
  • 10 per case
NOTE: Full structural frame is available: (DSC-TKS)
DSC-SP Arthroscopic Stress Post

Arthroscopic Stress Post

$349.00 $325.00
  • Doughy-soft pressure management pad for maximum patient safety and comfort
  • Performs as a fulcrum for improved access to the medial compartment of the knee
  • The 3½" x 9" aluminum post surface is covered with a 2½" thick premium pressure management pad
  • The 12" long x 5/8" diameter stainless steel mounting post fits into a standard side rail clamp which is sold separately. Our BD-CS Clark Socket is perfect
  • Lifetime warranty