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Wixson Hip_2005

Wixson Hip Positioner- DSC-4050

$3,550.00 $3,249.00
  • Hip Positioner
  • Radiolucent
  • Autoclavable
  • Total Hip Postioner
  • Hip Revision Surgery
  • Includes:
    • One 10" post w/ double pads
    • One 6" post w/ single pad
    • One 20" Base plate
    • One Base Plate Pad
    • Spacers & Knobs for larger patients
DSC-SP Arthroscopic Stress Post

Arthroscopic Stress Post

$349.00 $325.00
  • Doughy-soft pressure management pad for maximum patient safety and comfort
  • Performs as a fulcrum for improved access to the medial compartment of the knee
  • The 3½" x 9" aluminum post surface is covered with a 2½" thick premium pressure management pad
  • The 12" long x 5/8" diameter stainless steel mounting post fits into a standard side rail clamp which is sold separately. Our BD-CS Clark Socket is perfect
  • Lifetime warranty
cherf leg holder

Cherf Leg Holder

  • Useful for all lower extremity procedures, particularly helpful for supporting the leg in lateral position
  • Allows knee to be locked into extension which helps eliminate the need for manual support.
  • The leg holder may also be used to support the limb for surgical patients in the supine position such as for knee and foot/ankle procedures.
BD-SS Shoulder Supports

Shoulder Supports

  • Offers support for procedures requiring trendelenburg positioning
  • Includes foam padding
  • Adjustable on a linear plane
  • Rail clamps included
  • Grips patient's anatomy for secure lateral positioning
3-Piece Lateral Brace System w/ clamps

3-Piece Lateral Brace System w/ clamps

3-Piece Lateral Brace System w/ clamps
  • 1 multi-position 3" round brace
  • 2 multi-position 4" x 6" braces
  • includes pads and 3 Clark Sockets
  • fully adjust vertically, horizontally, and diagonally 
  • independent locking device provides infinite precise positioning