Ankle, lower extremity surgical positioners.

Picket Fence Leg Prepper

$518.00 DSC-611
  • Used for prepping legs for surgery.
  • Attaches to OR table rail with Clark socket, sold separately (BD-CS)
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Preps both legs at once

Light Cloud® heel elevators-foam heel protectors

$36.00 LC500
  • Light Cloud Heel Elevators-foam heel protectors
  • Resposable Heel Elevators
  • Foam Heel protector
  • Reusable "skinned" foam
  • Allows multiple reuses while maintaining superior pressure reducing attributes
  • Doughy soft foam
  • A thin coating offers a cleanable surface
  • Do NOT saturate in liquid
  • Dimensions:
    • Outside diameter: 6"W x 3.25" D x 1 5/8" H
    • center trough 3"W x 1.25" D
    • V cut channel for back of ankle
  • Sold as pairs

Cherf Leg Holder

$1,450.00 DSC-2270
  • Useful for all lower extremity procedures, particularly helpful for supporting the leg in lateral position
  • Allows knee to be locked into extension which helps eliminate the need for manual support.
  • The leg holder may also be used to support the limb for surgical patients in the supine position such as for knee and foot/ankle procedures.

Universal Prepper | Arm support | ankle support

$507.00 DSC-800-0161
  • Supports limbs of all sizes
    • arm support
    • ankle support
  • Elevates up to 20" above table top
  • Pad removes for easy cleaning
  • Required:
    • Schure Socket XL (DSC-800-0134)
    • Clark Socket (BD-CS)
  • Dimensions: with pad on 6" at top of trough tapering to 4" at bottom of trough

Bi-Lateral Leg Prepper

$625.00 DSC-800-0236
  • 500 lb (227 kg) patient weight capacity
  • Pads remove for easy cleaning
  • Limbs can be elevated up to 20" above table
  • Required:
    • Clark Socket (BD-CS)
    • Schure Socket XL (DSC-800-0134)

Double Picket Fence Leg Holder- DSC-610

$758.00 DSC-610
  • 500 lb (227 kg) patient weight capacity
  • Easy cleaning
  • Adjusts in height from 4"-30"
  • Used for supporting legs during surgery
  • Durable urethane covering on top portion for easy cleaning.
  • Attaches with two flat blade sockets, sold separately.
  • Limbs can be elevated up to 30" above table
  • Required: