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David Scott Company offers a wide variety of surgical positioners for lower limbs. Some of these include; supports for surgery of lower extremities, Leg preppers and leg holders help assist with support of legs.  We offer replacement pads for stirrups.

David Scott has a complete line of surgical stirrups from candy canes to pediatric stirrups to lift assisted stirrups. We also offer stirrups with raised lateral fins similar to Yellofin® Stirrups.

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Universal Rail Clamp for Blade Style Accessories

$88.00 BD-RC
  • Blade Style Rail Clamp
  • Accepts 1" x 3/8"blade
  • clamp dimensions are 3" W x 1.75"H x 1 3/8" D
  • 3 spoke knob for easy turning
  • Low Profile Design
  • Made in USA

Disposable Arthroscopic Leg Holder Foam Pad

$242.00 BD250P-12
  • Disposable foam insert for Arthroscopic Leg Holder
  • 2 part foam
    • outer foam is dense low compression
    • inner foam is soft compression foam
  • Hook & Loop closure
  • Case of 12
  • Single patient use
  • Can be used on many style Arthroscopic Leg Holders

Rigid Foam Insert for Arthroscopic Leg Holder

$349.00 BD250-SSP20
  • Dense white foam
  • Rigid compression support
  • Foam insert for leg holder
  • Can be used on many style leg holders
  • Fits BD250  arthroscopic leg holder
  • Case of 20
  • Non-sterile

Gel Insert for Leg Holder

$171.00 BD2500
  • Reusable Gel insert
  • Designed for Arthroscopic Leg Holders
  • Fits many style leg holders
  • offers limited compression
  • Dimensions:
    • 4" x 36" x 3/8" Thick

Total Knee Stabilizer Replacement Pads (10 per case)

$120.00 DSC-TKS-PAD
  • Replacement pads for DSC-TKS
  • Covers the foot for added patient comfort
  • 10 per case
NOTE: Full structural frame is available: (DSC-TKS)

Lithotomy Stirrup Cart

$850.00 DSC-SC
  • Stainless Steel Stirrup Cart
  • Holds 2 pair of stirrups
  • Side rail to safely store clamps or arm boards
  • Solid bottom tray for clamps & accessories
  • Dimensions are 20"L x22"W x 48"H

Disposable Clear View Leg Drapes

$160.00 DSC-800-0160
  • Allows complete visibility of patients leg
  • Packaged sterile
  • Disposable
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Provides continuous monitoring of patients position during various procedures without breaking the sterile field
  • Blue modesty panel is incorporated within the drape
  • Package of 10

Stirrup Clamshell Boot Pads| Boot liners for BD100 & Allen® Stirrups

$535.00 BD100-L
  • Boot Liners for BD100 & Allen® Stirrups
  • Stirrup Foam Boot Replacement Pads
  • Fits several brands of Stirrups
  • Sold as a Pair & Reusable
  • Cleanable
  • Velcro securing straps
  • Reinforced design for longevity
Contact us for help finding the correct boot pad for your stirrup 

Replacement Boot Liners Yellofin Stirrups

$567.00 BD-YFBP
  • Replacement Boot Liners for Yellofin® Style Stirrups
  • Raised lateral fin (yellofin®)
  • Stirrup Boot Replacement Pad
  • Fits several brands of Stirrup
  • Reusable
  • Cleanable
  • Velcro securing straps
  • Reinforced design for more longevity
  • Sold in a Pair
Sold as pairs

Replacement Boot Liners UltraFin Boot Pad Set- Bariatric Stirrups

$911.00 BB-UFBP-4962
  • Replacement Boot Liners for UltraFin® Style Stirrups
  • Raised lateral fin (UltraFin®)
  • Bariatric Stirrup foam boot pads
  • Stirrup Boot Replacement Pad
  • Pads for Bariatric Stirrups
  • Reusable
  • Cleanable
  • Velcro securing straps
  • Reinforced design for more longevity

Allen® Stirrup Boot Liners | Replacement pads for stirrups

$451.00 BD-AFHBP
  • Allen® Medical Style foot cradling replacement boot liners
  • These replacement pads will fit all Allen® Stirrup models PAL Pro®, PAL® and SAM™III stirrups and all FREEDOM® brand boot stirrups
  • These are the same quality or better than original at a lower cost
  • doughy soft Visco-memory foam
  • Wide front flaps Velcro secure and hold leg in place
  • Stirrup foam boot pads
  • Reusable
  • Cleanable
  • Velcro securing straps
Sold as pair

Bariatric Stirrup Replacement Pads

$790.00 BD150-L
  • Bariatric Stirrup Replacement Pad
  • Fits several brands of Bariatric Stirrup
  • Reusable
  • Cleanable
  • Velcro securing straps

Stirrup Wall Rack

$290.00 DSC-800-0284
  • Wall-mounted rack improves OR safety
  • Attaches to wall with four screws (supplied)
  • Stores two stirrups, two boot liners, clamps and other accessories
  • Works with:
    •  Yellofin Stirrups
    • Allen Stirrups
    • Other brands of stirrups
  • Dimensions
    • 21" Length
    • 7" Width
    • 11" High
    • Weight Capacity 500 lbs

Pad for Single loop leg prepper

$157.00 DSC-SLPS-FOAM-12
  • Pad for single loop lep prepper
  • Wipe-clean molded polyurethane pad
  • Closed cell protective foam sheath with end cap
  • 12 per case
Click here for Leg Prepper 

Case of ALH foam inserts case of 10

$199.00 BDALH-DFB
Case of ALH foam inserts case of 10