Stainless Steel Stress post.

Arthroscopic Stress Post

$370.00 DSC-SP
  • Doughy-soft pressure management pad for maximum patient safety and comfort
  • Performs as a fulcrum for improved access to the medial compartment of the knee
  • The 3½" x 9" aluminum post surface is covered with a 2½" thick premium pressure management pad
  • The 12" long x 5/8" diameter stainless steel mounting post fits into a standard side rail clamp which is sold separately.
  • BD-CS is our recommended clamp

Shutt Universal Stress Post

Original price was: $2,199.00.Current price is: $1,925.00. DSC-SP-LNVRT
  • Break-away design allows use of "figure 4" position for meniscal repair procedures
  • Hook-and-loop closure insert grips tourniquet.
  • Foam inserts minimize patient trauma
  • Breakaway stress post