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Z-Suture Saddle Bag for Mayo stand or Back Table (sterile)

$583.00 DSC-113
  • (2) Clear plastic pouches allow for easy identification of its contents.
  • Designed to be draped over the back table or mayo stand, which eliminates the possibility of it falling to the floor.
  • Perforated so it can be placed in different locations on the sterile field
  • Orange color strip directs the user to the opening of the saddle bag, eliminating the chance of missing the bag and dropping waste on the floor.
  • The Z-Suture Saddle Bag™ can be used as a seal-able transport bag.
  • 20" & 24" available
  • 100 per case

FISSO Anesthesia Anesthetic Tube Holder

  • Circuit holder plate for various Ø: 14.5/22/23.5 mm, coaxial >30 mm (Art.# 5.407)
  • Articulated arm 400 mm (Art.# 7.340)
  • Column 50 mm (Art.# 5.480)
  • Rails clamp Fisso (Art.# 5.260-02)

Z-Cord and Tube Holder (sterile)

$525.00 DSC-1117
  • An adhesive base keeps the Z- Cord Holder in place
  • Grooved holes keep your tubes and cords easily organized
  • X-ray detectable
  • Sterile
  • 100 per case

Z-Friction Instrument Drape (sterile)

$525.00 DSC-1151
  • Large textured, non-skid, area that will gently grip instruments on sloping contoured surfaces
  • Holds metal as well as plastic surgical instruments
  • Lightweight, can be cut to any size
  • 40 per box 2 boxes per case (80 total)
  • Sterile
  • Dimensions: 10" x 16"