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E-Z Lift Beach Chair – Shoulder Surgery Chair

$5,274.00 DSC-800-0142
  • Significantly reduces effort by O.R. staff when lifting patients over other manual systems
  • 500 lb. surgical patient weight capacity
  • Articulation range 0-90°
  • Sliding head rest conforms to every patient
  • Lateral brace included
  • Double-ball joint head system safely secures patient’s head
  • Five-piece Deluxe pad set included
  • Minimum Height is 4 ft 2"
  • Maximum height is 6 ft 4"

Shoulder Chair Dolly Cart

$800.00 DSC-800-0074
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stable & Durable
  • Base tray for additional storage
  • Beach Chair storage solution
  • Shoulder Chair mobile cart

Surgical Shoulder Positioner | Schure Loc XPS (DSC-800-0280)

$16,495.00 DSC-800-0280
  • XPS Surgical Shoulder Positioner
  • Single release lever releases all joints – locking in place when released
  • Easily attached to any OR table – ready for immediate use
  • Similar in functionality to the Arthrex® Trimano
  • Smooth, effortless positioning enhances operative site exposure
  • Decrease surgeon fatigue and improve OR team productivity
  • Convenient Schure Loc Shoulder Kit includes a sterile drape and foam hand/forearm holder and self-adherent wrap
  • Includes Forearm attachment and XPS adapter
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Powered Surgical Beach Chair Positioner Shoulder Surgery (800-0004)

$6,040.00 DSC-800-0004
  • Only self powered surgical beach chair on the market
  • 500 lb. surgical patient weight capacity
  • Articulation range 0-90°
  • Sliding head rest
  • Lateral brace attaches to beach chair and not O.R. table side rail providing safer patient positioning
  • Shoulder pull-away panels provide excellent surgical exposure
  • Double-ball joint head rest allows patient’s head to tilt 30° in every direction, forward, backwards and side-to-side
  • Five-piece Deluxe pad set included
  • Minimum Height is 4 ft 2"
  • Maximum height is 6 ft 4"

Freeman Arm Holder with intraoperative adjustments

$2,700.00 DSC-2420
  • Ideal for Shoulder procedures, shoulder surgery
  • Perfect for shoulder arthroscopy
  • Simple design for fast and easy positioning
  • Multiple elbows allow a wide range of positioning
  • Arm connector is mobile and can be easily released for repositioning
  • Connects over the drape in the sterile field using the supplied rail clamp
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Complete unit is autoclavable

Shoulder Assistant Sterile Disposable Hand Forearm Wrap

$549.00 DSC-800-0113
  • Disposable forearm wraps
  • Sterile wraps
  • Wraps securely holds the hand and forearm for proper patient positioning
  • Quick release for range of motion
  • Case of 12

Shoulder assistant limb positioner-foot operated

$4,450.00 DSC-800-0088
  • Save money not having to buy expensive drapes
  • Surgeon foot control provides quick and precise intra-operative patient positioning
  • Easy to assemble
  • Unlimited surgical site access and positioning
  • Required Disposable Sterile Hand/Forearm Wraps sold separately
  • Shoulder Assistant Dolly sold separately

OSI® Schlein® Shoulder Chair Disposable pad set

$148.90 DSC-5348
OSI® Schlein® Shoulder Chair Disposable pad set

OSI® Schlein® Beach Chair Foam Replacement Kit

$148.90 DSC-5345
OSI® Schlein® Beach Chair Foam Replacement Kit. equivalent  to the Basic set for Schlein
  • with back, head and torso strap

Disposable Head and Chin Strap for Shouder Chairs -Skytron®, OSI®, Berchtold®, Steris®, & Schuremed­™

$160.00 BD050-HCS
  • Disposable head and chin straps
  • Made of soft Vel-foam
  • Velcro® straps
  • Secures patients head from unnecessary movements
  • Chin strap has a pouch for the chin
  • Fits most chairs that have head restraint system
  • Case of 10

Shoulder Arthroscopy Chair – Beach Chair – Shoulder Chair

$7,495.00 BD050
  • Posterior Exposure is facilitated by drop panels on both sides.
  • Improved Stability and patient support.
  • Universal Rail Mounting System safely and quickly attaches positioner to the OR table.
  • Infinitely Adjustable torso positioning with intuitive trigger release control.
  • Lightweight and Compact making it easy to handle, transport and store.
  • Faster Patient Positioning reducing OR time and expense.
  • Rapid Change of Patient Position without compromising sterile fields.
  • Can be used on ANY OR TABLE