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Patient Transfer Boards / Patient Shifters / Patient Roller Boards

The patient transfer aids are designed to reduce the risk of back injuries to staff. These products are commonly referred to as Patient Roller Boards, Patient Shifter Boards, Glider Boards, Patient Transfer Roller Boards, Patient Transfer Aids.

We have several different styles to choice from roller boards and glider boards. We offer a variety of product solutions for a variety of transfer problems. Prices vary depending on the modality of transfer you select.

Patient Transfer Boards / Patient Shifters / Patient Roller Boards

Lateral transfer without lifting – lift free  •  Lateral transfer without noise  •  Priced well below other technologies  •  Patient rides on a soft surface

Samarit ROLLBORD The safe way to transfer patients

A legal requirement in some countries, taken for granted in others – working conditions should be as comfortable as possible. Healthcare workers should avoid lifting when transferring patients. SAMARIT Products assist with transfer, without the need to lift. The products are designed to facilitate the transfer without using a lot of effort, thus making the work easier for the carers and kinder to their backs.

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