Patient Shifter Pull Handles

$18.00 4777-HANDLE
  • Handles are compatible with any patient shifter board
  • They are a continuous loop with a usable length of about 12"
  • They can be removed from the board or left in place
  • These patient shifter board strap handles are easier on the users hand than trying to grip the actual shifter board
  • Sold in pairs
  • Dimensions:
    • 34" long
    • 1" wide

Stryker Glide Lateral Air Transfer Mattress | On Sale!- DSC-3062-500-028

$1,400.00$1,600.00 DSC-3062-500-028
The Stryker Glide allows two nurses to laterally transfer a patient safely while reducing the potential for back injury.  The core of the system is an inflatable mat that lifts and floats the patient on a cushion of air, so that with very little effort, caregivers can transfer even very large patients from one surfact to another.



Inflatable mat, lightweight blower and roller tote available separately or as a complete system.

Stryker Glide Blower Unit- DSC-3060-400-110

$750.00 DSC-3060-400-110
  • Stryker Glide Blower unit, for USA sales only.
  • 110V.
  • For use with Stryker Glide Lateral Air Transfer System,

Stryker Glide Tote- DSC-3060-001-401

$349.00 DSC-3060-001-041
  • Stryker Glide Tote
  • Great for storing and transporting the Stryker glide mat and blower unit.
  • Weight is 7 lbs
  • Great way to protect your investment and to keep the Stryker Glide and blower safe.

SafetySure TransferEase Patient Mover

$150.00 4777XLa
SafetySure TransferEase Patient Mover
  • Bridges gap between transfer points
  • Built-in handles
  • Anti-static
  • Great for EMT situations
    • 22" x 72" 9 lbs
  • Colors:
    • White is stock
    • Aqua special order