Reusable Shoe Cover | Booties

Reusable Shoe Covers are often refereed to as booties. These are used in many business that want to keep dust and particulate from being spread form one area to another. These also will keep your shoes or boots from getting contaminated. By using a reusable booties/shoe cover you can save on the expense of disposable shoe covers, also the hassle of trying to locate these items which are in high demand.

Reusable Shoe Covers (Booties) are made from a latex free, hydrophobic polypropylene that is both durable and machine washable, making it reusable. These Shoe Covers also promote safety via its slip‐resistant floor gripping bottom.
Reusable Booties | Shoe Covers are a cost effective alternative to the elusive disposable shoe covers. Booties are a necessity and these reusable shoe covers fit the bill.

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