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C-Thru Translucent Hand Table optional table leg

$345.00 DSC-C-902100
  • adjustable table leg
  • Optional, detachable single leg
  • for use with the C-Thru Armboard
  • C-Thru Hand Table, and other C-Thru tables.
  • secure to table with set screw
  • Height adjustable with a locking knob

C-Thru Transparent Arm & Hand Surgery Tables | 2 Sizes

$685.00$1,365.00 Please select size
  • Transparent support; that's the whole idea behind these Under pad Mount C-Thru Arm and Hand Surgery Tables.
  • Two Sizes
    • 11" wide x 45" long. Half of it slides under the pad. The other half supports the patient's arm.
    • 15.5" wide x 45" long
  • 2" rise at the bend
  • There is a 20" and a 25" long section on both sizes.
  • Optional pad
  • Use the section that best suits the length of your patient's arm and the width of your stretcher or table pad.
  • Weight: Approx. 10 lbs
  • Custom sizes available 

C-Thru Transparent Arm Ladder- DSC-C-902925

$906.00 DSC-C-902925
  • 4 adjustable slots
  • rapid set up
  • easy to break down
  • easy to clean
  • adjustable arm support
  • radiolucent