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Anesthesia Cart VALUE Accessory Package

$2,010.00 MKT-630-COLOR
  • TRS-2 Heavy Duty Railing
  • TUH-1 Utility Hooks
  • TMT-3K x 2 4-3″ Trays, 8 Long and 16 Short Dividers
  • TMT-5K 2-5″ Trays, 2 Long and 4 Short Dividers
Shown with MKT-630-TP Cart  

Emergency Cart Value Accessory Package

$1,480.00 TEP-C
TIV-1 IV-Pole TCB-1 Cardiac Board TRS-2 Heavy Duty Railing TOB-1 Oxygen Tank Brackets TPS-1 Plastic Seals (100/pkg)