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Hand Sanitizer Stand

$329.00 DSC-71042
  • No touch - foot Pump Activated
  • Safe and Secure – Easy spot to add a lock to secure your hand sanitizer!
  • Easy to refill –  Designed for 1 gallon jugs of hand sanitizer.  Less refills and more capacity
  • Low cost – This hand sanitizer stand is very economical.
  • Requires no power or batteries.
  • No specialty refills needed.

Sani Station Mobile Sanitization Station

$585.00 DSC-71070-SS
This flexible, all-in-one unit can be easily moved throughout a facility as needed.  Professional Appearance Large Storage Compartment with Hidden Trash Can
  • Storage cabinet for additional supplies
  • Trash can compartment with a “no-touch” receptacle
  • Heavy duty casters for easy relocation
  • Locking door on cabinet to keep supplies secure
  • Custom branding on polyester decal (optional)
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