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Pediatric EZ Lift Stirrups

$4,800.00$4,850.00 DSC-800-0231or DSC-800-0232
  • Lift Assist for easy fluid movement
  • 2 options for weight capacity 160 lbs or 250 lbs
  • Pediatric boot stirrup design encapsulates patient’s lower leg
  • Floating boot automatically adjusts when repositioning the pediatric boot stirrup
  • Abduction range of +25° to -9°
  • Lithotomy range of +84° to -35°
  • Easy-clean Boot Liner Pad safely wraps patient’s foot, ankle and leg
  • Visual indicators ensure precise patient positioning
  • Similar to Junior Pal® & Little Pal® Stirrups only better
  • Requires 2 blade clamps (DSC-800-0127 or BD-RC)