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Spinal Positioning System (SPS)

$1,549.00 DSC-OW-SPM
Spinal Positioning System (SPS) • Integral component of the pain management suite • Improves visualization of the necessary anatomic landmarks for safe and accurate spinal injections • Solves imaging, stability and patient comfort issues associated with spine procedures • Design provides greater visualization of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine including the cervicothoracic junction regardless of the patient's body habitus • Comes with portable case for clean transport and storage • Quick patient set up • Use for Cervical, Lumbar & Thoracic procedures • No metal artifacts in image • Wider Torso pad for added support • Torso pad abdominal recess for comfort & support • Contoured torso supports allow for greater shoulder roll off • Firm adjuster pads & wedges allow for support without compression • Cut out in base allows for patient aeration & comfort • Handles all prone positioning needs