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Kirschenbaum Leg Holder

$895.00 DSC-2590-DSC-2591
  • Leg Holder
  • Foot Support
  • Dome shaped foot rest
  • round post can rotate
  • Flexion leg positioner
  • Sterilazable
  • Includes:
    • sterilizable silicon foot pad
  • Options:
    • Large Surface 15.5" x 6"
    • Small Surface  9.5"  x 6"
    • sterilizable clamp (DSC-2595)
    • replacement silicon foot pads
    • Requires a round post Clamp i.e. DSC-2595  or BD-CS

TKR Knee Positioner | Total Knee Replacement

$4,895.00$5,195.00 DSC-800-0141 or DSC-800-0171
  • Newly designed model
  • Track Locking Bracket securely locks the Base Plate to the table with two thumb screws
  • Locks in any position with a simple turn of the wrist
  • Smooth sliding motion for effortless leg positioning
  • Well leg lies flat – eliminating the need for well-leg positioners
  • All components are autoclavable
  • Now included Sterilization Tray
  • Required CamLoc Clamp sold separately (DSC-800-0271)
  • Available in 24" or 30" base length
    • DSC-800-0141 24" Base
    • DSC-800-0171 30" Base

Adjustable Knee and Tibial Positioner

Original price was: $1,100.00.Current price is: $1,056.00. DSC-2770
  • For use in procedures around the knee
  • Set includes positioner, pad, and two short straps.
  • Radiolucent and steam sterilizable
  • Adjustable

Berger Block Positioner

$315.00 DSC-2750
  • Designed for lower extremity positioning with dual height options
  • See pictures for examples of use in hip and knee surgery
  • Set includes positioner block, orange pad, and brown straps (2) pictured
  • Dimensions with Pads: 4.75" x 6.75" x 8" (12,1 cm x 17,1 cm x 20,3 cm)
  • Frame is made of Aluminum
  • Radiolucent
  • Can be Steam Sterilized

Cherf Leg Holder

$1,540.00 DSC-2270
  • Useful for all lower extremity procedures, particularly helpful for supporting the leg in lateral position
  • Allows knee to be locked into extension which helps eliminate the need for manual support.
  • The leg holder may also be used to support the limb for surgical patients in the supine position such as for knee and foot/ankle procedures.

Durham Leg Positioner with Table Clamp

$875.00 DSC-4105
  • Placed against the thigh, helping to hold the leg upright during knee surgery
  • Supplied with a sterilizable table clamp. The pad is made of semi-dense foam to help prevent pressure points and is sealed with a washable coating.

George Arthroscopic Knee Positioner

$425.00 DSC-2735
  • Provides lateral as well as superior support which allows valgus stress to open the medial compartment
  • Shape does not squeeze the thigh, making the need for a thigh tourniquet optional.
  • Can easily be raised or lowered to accommodate all thigh sizes.

Hyperflex Foot Positioner

$850.00 DSC-2589
  • The Hyperflex foot positioner is designed to help secure the foot for positioning of the knee in the hyperflex position
  • Overall Length: 19" (48,3 cm)

Leg Stabilizer

$540.00 DSC-8840
  • The Hyperflex foot positioner is designed to help secure the foot for positioning of the knee in the hyperflex position
  • Pad and sterilizable table clamp included.
  • Overall Length: 19" (48,3 cm)

Lower Extremity Leg Positioner

$313.00 DSC-2745
  • The Lower Extremity Leg Positioner is used to support knee and leg during surgery, and can be used for casting
  • Utilized for rodding of femurs or tibias
  • Aluminum positioner is radiolucent and gas or steam sterilizable.
  • Dimensions: 5.5" H x 9.5" L x 9.25" W

Richard Post-op Extremity Holder

$360.00 DSC-8098
  • Designed to help hold and stabilize an extemity in a desired position after surgery.
  • Can be used on the patient bed, or can be sterilized for use in surgery, except the pads which are not sterilizable.
  • Unit Dimensions: 15" x 2"x 5.25" (38 cm x 5,1 cm x 13,3 cm)