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Horseshoe Lateral Head Support (Disposable)

$289.00 DSC-CS-2410

Reduces and distributes pressure on the patient’s head while in the lateral position.

  • Soft polyurethane foam
  • Single use
  • 20 units per case

Belfast Sagittal Plane Positioner

Original price was: $5,250.00.Current price is: $4,750.00. DSC-4170
A Sturdy and stable patient support system for posterior approach total hip arthroplasty in the lateral decubitus position
  • Very secure and easy to tighten
  • Accommodates bariatric patients
  • Does not attach to the table, making it compatible with all OR Tables

Cherf Leg Holder

$1,540.00 DSC-2270
  • Useful for all lower extremity procedures, particularly helpful for supporting the leg in lateral position
  • Allows knee to be locked into extension which helps eliminate the need for manual support.
  • The leg holder may also be used to support the limb for surgical patients in the supine position such as for knee and foot/ankle procedures.