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Roller Free Patient Transfer Board-Samarit Rollboard

$646.00$913.00 DSC-440-
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty
  • Far superior construction to Allen® Patient Transfer Board
  • MRI Compatible
  • Can also be used in Fowler positions
  • Anti-Static cover
  • Anti-Microbial cover
  • Teflonized sliding fabric
  • Lowest Coefficient of friction on the market
  • Patients are not disturbed, annoyed or frightened
  • Lateral transfer without noise
  • No lifting required, staff back injury is reduced.
  • Roller Free Patient Transfer Board
  • Lateral transfer without lifting
  •  7 size options (2 foldable) :
  • DSC-RB4100- Standard  20" x 70"- Foldable. Weight Load 529 lbs
  • DSC-RB4500- MRI 16" x 70" - Foldable. Weight Load 440 lbs
  • DSC-RB4400- SurgiBoard Long 16" x 48". Weight Load 397 lbs
  • DSC-RB4460- SurgiBoard Wide 20" x 48". Weight Load 397 lbs
  • DSC-RB4450- SurgiBoard Short 16" x 40". Weight Load 397 lbs
  • DSC-RB4300- Mini-GYN-Long 20" x 40". Weight Load 397 lbs
  • DSC-RB4350- Mini-GYN 20" x 36". Weight Load 397 lbs

Stryker Glide Lateral Air Transfer Mattress | On Sale!- DSC-3062-500-028

$1,400.00$1,600.00 DSC-3062-500-028
The Stryker Glide allows two nurses to laterally transfer a patient safely while reducing the potential for back injury.  The core of the system is an inflatable mat that lifts and floats the patient on a cushion of air, so that with very little effort, caregivers can transfer even very large patients from one surfact to another.



Inflatable mat, lightweight blower and roller tote available separately or as a complete system.

Stryker Glide Tote- DSC-3060-001-401

$349.00 DSC-3060-001-041
  • Stryker Glide Tote
  • Great for storing and transporting the Stryker glide mat and blower unit.
  • Weight is 7 lbs
  • Great way to protect your investment and to keep the Stryker Glide and blower safe.

Z-Slider patient transfer system

$247.50 DSC-2102
  • Complies with OSHA recommendations and "No-Lift" State Laws
  • Decreases physical strain to back, shoulders, neck and arms
  • Single-Patient use, reduces the potential for cross-contamination
  • Convenient Point-of-Use holders for patient rooms, beside tables or in the O.R.