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C-Plus Face Cushion- C-Flex Compatible Cushion

$310.00 DSC-CS-2516
The C-Plus Face Cushion is designed for use in the Allen C-Prone ® and C-Flex ® head positioners.
  • Fits perfectly into the C-Flex helmet
  • Contact surface enables optimal pressure distribution whereby the chin is completely free of pressure
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Large is shown
Sold in cases of 10 units per box.

Prone One Disposable Face Cushion with Mirror

$262.00 DSC-CS-2520
The Prone One disposable face cushion uses soft polyurethane foam to protect the patient's face during prone surgery. Supplied with a mirror to enable monitoring of the patient's eyes/tubes. Our prone face cushion can be used on all standard operating tables. Ideal for all prone cases including neuro, spinal, ICU, and any general procedures
  • Reduces pressure around the eyes
  • Maximizes patient safety and enhances comfort
  • One size fits all
  • Single use to aid infection control
  • Ideal for all prone cases including, neuro, spinal, ICU, general procedures Qty: 8 Units per box

Prone Plus Foam Face Cushion


Prone Plus Head Support System Foam Cushion Replacements- Adult or Child

Prone Plus Face Cushion Adult is used in conjunction with the Prone Plus Head Support System.

  • Single use product
  • Compatible with Mizuho  Proneview ®
  • Pressure reduction in ocular region
  • protects the sensitive eye nerves
  • Prone Plus Head Support System replacement cushions
  • 2 sizes:
    • Adult
    • Child
Quantity: Sold in cases of 10

Prone Face Block Pillows


Prone Face Block Pillows

​The Prone Face Block Pillows are available in 5" and 7"

  • Combination of soft memory foam to support patient's face and a firm foam base to provide stability
  • Slot to secure the tubing clear of the patient's face
  • Reduces pressure around patient's eyes
  • Single use
  • Fits most operating tables
  • Vacuum packed to reduce shelf space
  • Intubation Slot on the Right
5" sold in cases of 14 7" sold in cases of 10