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C-Plus Face Cushion

$280.00 DSC-CS-6100
The C-Plus Face Cushion is designed for use in the Allen C-Prone ® and C-Flex ® head positioners.
  • Manufactured using a specially produced foam which supports the patient's face while still being comfortable for the patient.
  • Distributes pressure evenly across the patient's forehead and cheekbones
  • Designed to protect the patient's face from pressure ulcers. Single use product to aid with infection control.
Sold in cases of 10 units per box.

Prone One Disposable Face Cushion with Mirror

$262.00 DSC-CS-2520
The Prone One disposable face cushion uses soft polyurethane foam to protect the patient's face during prone surgery. Supplied with a mirror to enable monitoring of the patient's eyes/tubes. Our prone face cushion can be used on all standard operating tables. Ideal for all prone cases including neuro, spinal, ICU, and any general procedures
  • Reduces pressure around the eyes
  • Maximizes patient safety and enhances comfort
  • One size fits all
  • Single use to aid infection control
  • Ideal for all prone cases including, neuro, spinal, ICU, general procedures Qty: 8 Units per box

Prone Plus Foam Face Cushion


Prone Plus Head Support System Foam Cushion Replacements- Adult or Child

Prone Plus Face Cushion Adult is used in conjunction with the Prone Plus Head Support System.

  • Single use product
  • Compatible with Mizuho  Proneview ®
  • Pressure reduction in ocular region
  • protects the sensitive eye nerves
  • Prone Plus Head Support System replacement cushions
  • 2 sizes:
    • Adult
    • Child
Quantity: Sold in cases of 10

Prone Face Block Pillows


Prone Face Block Pillows

​The Prone Face Block Pillows are available in 5" and 7"

  • Combination of soft memory foam to support patient's face and a firm foam base to provide stability
  • Slot to secure the tubing clear of the patient's face
  • Reduces pressure around patient's eyes
  • Single use
  • Fits most operating tables
  • Vacuum packed to reduce shelf space
  • Intubation Slot on the Right
5" sold in cases of 14 7" sold in cases of 10