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Wilson Frame -Remanufactured- Radiolucent Spine Frame

$6,200.00 WF-1000
  • Completely remanufactured to like new standards.
  • Radiolucent
  • 60 degree radiolucency
  • Laterally adjustable, tapered ShearGuard® foam pads
  • Lordosis control for improved surgical access
  • Easy to use crank system
  • Convenient transport and storage of frame
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects
Replacement Pads Available

Curved Spine Frame

$6,500.00 DSC-K9000K
  • Handles Patient Weight of 600 lbs. (272 kg)
  • Provides maximum lordosis
  • Gel pads sized for today’s larger patient anatomy
  • Fits “Jackson style” rails and OR tables
  • C-Arm Compatible
  • Fits both spine tables and rails
  • Easy to clean durable silicone straps