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E-Z Lift Beach Chair – Shoulder Surgery Chair

$5,274.00 DSC-800-0142
  • Significantly reduces effort by O.R. staff when lifting patients over other manual systems
  • 500 lb. surgical patient weight capacity
  • Articulation range 0-90°
  • Sliding head rest conforms to every patient
  • Lateral brace included
  • Double-ball joint head system safely secures patient’s head
  • Five-piece Deluxe pad set included
  • Minimum Height is 4 ft 2"
  • Maximum height is 6 ft 4"

Freeman Arm Holder with intraoperative adjustments

Original price was: $2,950.00.Current price is: $2,700.00. DSC-2420
  • Ideal for Shoulder procedures, shoulder surgery
  • Perfect for shoulder arthroscopy
  • Simple design for fast and easy positioning
  • Multiple elbows allow a wide range of positioning
  • Arm connector is mobile and can be easily released for repositioning
  • Connects over the drape in the sterile field using the supplied rail clamp
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Complete unit is autoclavable

Shoulder Assistant Sterile Disposable Hand Forearm Wrap

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $549.00. DSC-800-0113
  • Disposable forearm wraps
  • Sterile wraps
  • Wraps securely holds the hand and forearm for proper patient positioning
  • Quick release for range of motion
  • Case of 12