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DaVinci Restraining Bump for Steep Trendelenburg w/ Gel | DSC-DV-12

$368.00 DSC-DV-12
  • Designed for Steep trendelenburg positioning
  • Provides secure support at shoulders
  • Fastens to OR table with 2 secure buckles
  • Has Blue Diamond® Gel roll
  • Restraint affixes securely to OR side Rail
  • Aids in Steep Trend Procedures
  • Unique Design
  • Dimensions: 21" L x 2.5" H

Shoulder Supports

$1,295.00 DSC-800-0100
  • Simple to set up and easy-to-use
  • Comfortable support for Trendelenburg positioning
  • Ball and socket adjustments provide optimal positioning for any size patient
  • Adjusts vertically to accommodate x-ray tops
  • Deluxe foam pads included
  • Articulates on several plains
  • Deluxe foam pads included
  • 2 clamps required, either:

Shoulder Supports

$1,295.00 BD-SS
  • Offers support for procedures requiring trendelenburg positioning
  • Includes foam padding
  • Adjustable on a linear plane
  • Rail clamps included
  • Grips patient's anatomy for secure lateral positioning