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Lift Assist  Lithotomy Stirrup System Complete 1
Boot Liners for BD100 & Allen® StirrupsBD100 Lift Assist mechanismBD-SC Stirrup Cart for lift assist stirrups

Lift Assist Stirrups Complete

SKU: BD100

$5,750.00 $5,250.00

  • Lift Assisted Stirrups
  • 120° travel range
  • supports up to 500 lb. patient
  • includes boot pads
  • includes clamps
  • Lithotomy Stirrups
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Product Description

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Lift Assist Stirrups Complete with Pads & Clamps

lift assist stirrups

  • Lift Assist Stirrups
  • 120° travel range
  • supports up to 500 lb. patient
  • includes boot pads
  • includes clamps
  • Lithotomy Stirrups


  • Pneumatic lift assisted stirrups are designed to travel a full 120 degrees, from 90 degrees to -30 degrees.
  • They lock tight wherever you release the rotating hand grip locking mechanism.
  • Abduction and adduction are done at the handle with no need to ever go back to the side rail socket.
  • rotation of stirrup was designed to mimic the natural motion of the patients hip which should reduce the risk of unnecessary trauma.
  • Boot system offers full LATERAL SUPPORT to reduce potential nerve damage.
  • Boot liner is constructed of doughy soft material that full encapsulates the patients foot.The BD100 can handle up to 500 lbs.

What the stirrups include:

1 pair of surgical lift assisted stirrups

1 pair of doughy soft clam shell fully encapsulating boot liners

1 pair of blade rail clamps (BD-RC)

How they operate:

To operate these lift assist stirrups: A simple twist of the handle provides complete control of lithotomy and abduction/adduction without compromising the sterile field. Simply release the handle to securely lock the stirrup in all directions. Quick-connect, with blade style side rail clamps.

The BD100 Lift Assited Strirrups range of motion is -35° low lithotomy to 84° high lithotomy. Adduction -9° and abduction 25°,with the control to lock the medical stirrups in position anywhere in between.

Our BD100 Stirrups provide safe and quick positioning assistance for improved surgical site access. This intra-operative, adjustable medical stirrup for gynecological, laparoscopic, and urological applications offers exceptionally precise placement, effectively minimizing the possibility of nerve damage. High/low lithotomy and abduction/adduction from the handle improves patient positioning.

The Abduction safety zone is estimated to be 12.5° from midline and the BD100’s  abducts at this angle as they are elevated. However, you can simply twist handle to increase or decrease abduction giving you precise and complete control.

David Scott Company offers a wide variety of surgical stirrups form pediatrics to bariatrics. We also offer simple on frill stirrups without lift assist. If you need help selecting the right stirrup please feel free to contact us at customerservice@davidscottco.com






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