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frogger pad for saphenous vein harvesting.
Frogger Pad- No patient

Vein Harvesting Positioner – Frogger Pad


$349.99 $299.99

  • Vein Harvesting Positioner Frogger Pad
  • Reusable covered foam
  • Sheerguard covering
  • Dimenisons are 32″L x 21″W X6″H


Product Description

Saphenous Vein Harvesting Positioner – Frogger Pad

This Vein Harvesting Positioner holds the patient’s leg at an optimal position. This positioner will hold both legs externally rotated and slightly fixed. The DSC-FROGGER positioner is covered with a conductive, water-resistant cover. This is a reusable foam positioner that is covered with the same SheerCare 4 way stretch covering that we use to make our operating table pads. This pillow style positioner can be cleaned and reused.

Use the Frogger Pad to position patient’s legs during saphenous vein harvesting. The cushion splays legs slightly so that knees tilt outward—providing easier access to the surgical site as well as a stable platform on which to operate. Useful for both minimally invasive endoscopic procedures as well as for the traditional groin-to-ankle incision.

The cover is made with 4-way stretch fusion material. The inside foam construction includes a top layer of conforming foam with soft yet supportive foam beneath.

Dimensions for this leg positioing pillow are 32″ L x 21″ W X6″ H with 2 leg troughs.


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