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Why Gel? The Case for Gel Positioners in Mitigating Pressure Related Injuries

Blue Diamond® Gel, Mitigating Pressure Related Injuries

Did you know that pressure related injuries are one of the most common injuries experienced by patients in a hospital? According to the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel; no other preventable event occurs as frequently as pressure related injuries.

In 2019 hospitals spent an estimated 26.8 billion dollars dealing with pressure related injury costs. They account for the second most common lawsuit after wrongful death claims. What is even more troubling is that according to the AHRQ, hospital acquired pressure injury rates are increasing; while we have seen a steady decrease in almost all other hospital acquired conditions.

AORN has reported for many years, including in this years “2020 Guideline for Positioning the Patient”  ,that viscoelastic polymer products (such as Blue Diamond® Gel ) greatly reduce the risk of pressure related ulcers.

Gel Chest Rolls

Gel Chest Rolls (BD2440, BD2450, BD2460)

In addition to increasing patient safety & reducing costs associated with pressure related injuries; Blue Diamond Gel® positioners have a wide range of benefits over similar foam positioners.

Foam positioners, while cheaper in per unit cost, are more expensive in the long run. They are often single use, meaning a large amount of space may be required to store an adequate supply. A single gel positioner can take the place of hundreds of foam positioners; cutting down on medical waste and the high costs associated with disposal. Blue Diamond® Gel is repairable and contains no water; so it will not leak, ooze, or evaporate.

A common argument for foam is that it reduces the risk of infection, because a new positioner is used for each case. Our gel is antibacterial, antimicrobial and is easily cleaned.

Foam Positioners can also bottom out under the weight of a bariatric patient or when used in a prolonged case. This leaves the patient lying on a hard surface. Our Blue Diamond® Viscoelastic polymer gel does not bottom out; helping to reduce risk to the patient and hospital.

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